Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to apply for Google Adsense?

I don't think it may not be easy to get Google Adsense but now they want to restrict the websites and blogs which is getting Google Adsense account.  How to get Google Adsense Approval?  You must have website to get approval from Google Adsense before that you should have good content with your niche because that secret of getting approval.  Also you have good traffic to your website which is having nice business opportunity.

You should not apply for Google Adsense for making money because your website must create for your website for your business then your niche should have wants and needs of the customers in adwords then you will get approval soon.  Normally it will be taking one day but some of the websites will be taking six months too.  So you should have all arrangements before you apply for adsense.

Content is the king of your website and all the SEO work is secondary because if you have good content then you need not worry about Search Engine Optimization.  SEO also necessary for the website but you should have good content is the important role for your website.  so you must have good content which is related to your niche and you can get real online income from home.

Now Search Engine Optimization also want to get real traffic to your website through SEO secrets.  If you post your content with image then it will be adding soon with Search Engine.  Please add some image with your post to get real traffic to your website.  

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