Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How much can we earn money with Google Adsense?

I am very much happy to write about the earning of Adsense because it will be the surprise to the people who want to know about it.  Normally, you can earn money when you have good traffic to your website and you just get good income through CTR ( Click Through Rate) and CPM (Cost per thousand).  You should not worry about your earning and you should worry about your content and traffic.  There is not limitation to make money with Google Adsense.

How to create content?

Content is the king of your website other than that you need to worry because if you have good content for your niche then you can have real traffic to your website.  Also Google Adsense needs to get real website which is having real content Website?  Also they need to create a website for consumer so they don't encourage the website which is created for Adsense earning.  This is the secret to make money with your website content.  

How to choose the content? You just think about you and your business then you just create a website which you already have experience about your business line or your educational qualification.  Then you can create web page with your interested area like 

1) Real Estate
2) Matrimony
3) Online Business
4) Shopping Cart
5) Shipping
6) Travel and Tourism
7) Education Site
8) Web Design
9) Information Technology
10) Jobs site

and Many opportunity to take your chance.  You can think about your site and you just plan for your website.  Then you will be king of your website and plan for your earning in offline and online with your website.  I hope it will be very useful for you all.

How to get traffic to your website?

Content is  the basic for your website then you have to think about traffic.  Traffic is the main resource to your website because without traffic you can not get business or earnings.  So you should think about traffic with the right way and you should do spam in anyway.  Normally, Search Engine is the best way to get traffic to your website which is free traffic.  So you can get free traffic to your website through your Search Engine Optimization.

How to do SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing but you should have Title, Keywords and Description in proper manner in the html page.  You should regulate your website with your SEO then you can get real traffic to your website.  

Title : Title length is lessthan or equal to 150 characters

Keywords :  Keywords length is between 300 to 500 characters

Description :  Description length is less than or equal to 200 Characters

Your title should have keyword or keyword phrase which will be related to your niche content.  Also you can get your keywords through Google Adwords keyword tool then you just optimize your keywords for your website.  Then you just write a short description about your niche topic then you will get real traffic through Search Engine. 

How to  Earn Money with Google Adsense?

After getting your website then you can apply for Google Adsense which is obsolutely free.  If you have gmail account then you can apply through your gmail id to open this page :  It will be very easy to get approval within one or two days if you have good website.  After getting approval to your adsense account then first job is to read adsense policy and terms which is very useful to protect your account.  

You can go adsense account to get html  ad code which should be pasted in your website to get visibility after 10 ten minutes.  Please go through the all ad formats in our last post and select which one is better to your website.  You should also have one three ads per page in your website.  This ideas only for newbies who need to know about Google Adsense so all the web masters can skip this post.  Thanks.

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