Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Adsense for content works?

Adsense for content is the most important ad methods by automatically delivering the text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content. Which is the secret of Adsense system works?  Content based ads are the important role for making real business tactics which is the best way to attract our visitors and customers to be useful for them also.  I really need to discuss about this system because the people who are living in India and worldwide Indian need to be read this article to get right information.

How to maintain the ads between your content?

As a publisher, we will not do anything because they have the automatically delivering the text and image ads that  are working with your site and site content.  So you need not do anything and you can not confuse anything with this opportunity.  After getting your adsense approval then you can create content html code and you can manage with your Google Adsense account itself and copy the html code to put it in your site or blog which is the relevant area too.  It is very easy and simple work for the publishers who can add this ads in your website?  If you any doubt about it then you just read the help area in Google Adsense to get the methods.

How to get thousands advertise with minimal efforts?

You need not do anything to search advertisers to put it in your website because Google Adsense is the having the best system to make it very easy for you.  You will really enjoy the system to cut and paste work with the content html to create the ads through Adsense setup area.  You can get global based advertisers and your local area advertisers also in one area because it is automatic system to get easy ideas with our account. You can all kinds of ad formats for getting all categories too.

How to turn your website as revenue potential?

If you have website with relevant content which is getting related ads from adsense system then you can get real revenue through your website. You will be maximizing your revenue potential through your content in the website which is expecting by people who is need to know about your content or website.  You can see the Cost-per-click (CPC) and Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) to be counted by your Google Adsense account.  So you can see the everyday report for your information.

How to make competitive filter to our website?

You can have safeguard to your website from your competitor to avoid ads from your competitor through these facilities from your adsense account.

1) Competitive Ad Filter
2) Ad review
3) Sensitive Content Filter
4) Choose your own default ads

How to select the ad size in Adsense?

You can get information from Adsense setup page then you can see the adsense for content to create your size of the ads here.  It will be having many size so you can choose the ads for your website.  You can also get two different types ads here.  One is Ad unit and Another one is Link Unit.

Ad Unit :

1) Leaderboard                  - 728 x 90
2) Large Rectangle             - 338 x 280
3) Medium Rectangle         - 300 x 250
4) Wide Skyscraper          - 120 x 600
5) Horizontal Banner          - 468 x 60
6) Horizontal Half Banner  - 234 x 60
7) Vertical Skyscraper      - 120 x 600
8) Vertical Banner            - 120 x 240
9) Square Ad                   - 250 x 250
10)Small Square              -  200 x 200
11) Small Rectangle         -  180 x 150
12) Button                       -  125 x 125

Link Unit :

1) Horizontal                    - 728 x 15
2) Horizontal Small           - 468 x 15
3) Square links                 - 200 x 90
4)  "     "                           - 180 x 90
5)  Square Links              - 160 x 90
6) Square Links               - 120 x 90

Note :  We are trying to give some information for newbies and beginners for the Google Adsense account.  This is not right area to know about Google Adsense.  So you can go to to get more information about Google Adsense.

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