Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to increase my adsense Earnings?

You can optimize your adsense earnings in many way.  Especially you should optimize your ads with your websites colour, placement, size and other variables to help you to earn lot of income through this opportunity.  I try to give the tips to improve your earnings with adsense through this blog.

6 Ways to improve your Adsense Earnings :

1) Experiments with Placement :
You can find the placement of ads which is helping you to increase your earnings.  I choose four important content for adsense units as given below :

Normally, we should choose the Leaderboard ads (728 x 90) to put it in top of the website.  Because it is helping us to increase our adense earnings always.  You can put the Leaderboard in the bottom of the websites too.

Wide Skyscraper is also the most important role in the placement which also helping us to get more income when we put it in right or left side of the template.

Medium and Large Rectangle should be in the middle of the website which is also helping us to improve our earnings.

We should create separate channels for all the units which is helping us to know the earnings details individually to change it when we have lesser amount in the units.

2) Experiment with Adsense Units :

a)  300 x 250 - Medium Rectangle
b)  336 x 280 - Large Rectangle
c)  728 x 90   -  Leaderboard
d)  160 x 600 -  Wide Skyscraper

Most of the leading  and the best performance ad units are given above.  You can find the best one for your website to get real online income from your channels.

All the Units must have separate channels because we should know which channel is having good income.  So we just check it and change it when necessary.

3) Target with the channels :

Channels are having important role to increase our earnings with adsense.  We should create separate channels to know what is happening in your channels.  Then you can change the ads placement to tune up your website.

4) Watch and Track Everything :

We should watch and track everything to optimize our websites to increase our income.  All the business type websites must have right placement of ads which is helping us to earn money with adsense.

5) Experiment with Image and Text Ads :

We should select image and text ads option which is helping us to improve our earnings.  This is also one of the way to do experiment with our ads and channels.

6) Never Stop Promoting :

We should not stop promotion work to get traffic to our websites. Promotion is nothing but to get back links to our websites, Search Engine Optimization, Comments in blogging, reply and post in forums and many way to promote our websites to get traffic.  Also you can use social media like,, and many of the Social bookmarking sites also helping us to more traffic to our websites.

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