Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Google Adsense Policy

Many of our visitors want to know about Google Adsense Policies because they could not understand the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense. We just remember the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense for our visitors and this is just for your reference. We will not responsible for any damages and conflicts with your Google Adsense Account through reading this post. Also we encourage you to read

    Google terms and conditions in - -

    if you want get support -

    Google Adsense Works : Most of the Google Adsense member doesn't read the policies and they could fail to continue with Google Adsense Account. So they should read the all the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense which is given above. Many of the people who fail to continue with Google Adsense account then they are splitting some posts and messages in forum like Google Adsense is a scam. But most of the Google Adsense members gave positive results in the blogs and forums. I am also getting handsome income through Google Adsense and I want to tell the people who fail to get income in Google Adsense.

    They could not concentrate properly with Google Adsense so they fail to make money online. They can see my blogs and posts to know about Google Adsense and make their mind to change it to work online to get handsome income. I never fail to get income in online because I am not fail to work in online. You keep on work for online jobs then you can reach your goal soon.

    Important notes in Google Adsense Policy :

    Google Adsense Policy may change at any time so you should read the policy and terms time to time to avoid your account disable. You should read it and your responsibility to keep up to date with the policies posted here -

    Code Modification

    You just copy your adsense html code from Google Adsense set up page. Also you need not make any correction in the html code after copy it. Because it's overrule the Google Adsense Policy and terms so you should alert when you copy the html code. Before that you can change color of the text and titles, background and border, and the url which is match your website or blog. After made your Adsense unit html code then you should modify it because it could get you life time ban.

    Invalid Clicks

    You should not encourage people to click in your Google Adsense ad and also you should click your own ads and create programs to do it because it will get you life time ban. You should alert and when you work on your page or website to avoid it. You should not inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods.

    Content Guidelines :

    As a publisher, you should not place Adsense code with content or pages that violates any of the content guidelines. You should not content that is adult, violent and advocating racial intolerance.

    See More in :

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