Monday, May 5, 2014

New Payment experience by Google Adsense

Your account has been upgraded to a new payment system by Google Adsense which help you to update your payment option.  Also they have change the name of the Payments and Payment Settings and It has been redesigned by them at end of the April.  I hope it will be very useful for us to change the Payment settings.

You can change the payment information until 20th of every month which has been extended by them.  So you have five more days to the payment information to make it possible for you.  It is having more flexibility with your payment settings.  You can also hold your payment until a specified date and you can put the date to get the payment to get back into your account.

They are trying to rolling the improvements of the payment system to wire transfer instead of Check payment to worldwide.  I hope it will be very useful to get the payment fast and you can get faster payment experience.  Also it might be the reliable one for us to make it everything possible for you by them.

Now your time to read the support page by Google :

How will be paid through wire transfer?  Click Here

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