Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12 steps to know basic ideas about Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the leader of Pay per click system and they give income through the Google Adsense account to your website or blog.  I hope you may get into when you have a website.  Also you must have approved adsense account to use the adsense code to your website.  It is not all easy to get it because your website should have legitimate traffic then you should have unique content for your niche.  Otherwise it is very difficult to get the approval account from adsense.

They may not approve your account when you apply for it because they should find all the details about your website which should be having you are the owner of the website.  Also you must have unique content to your website for your niche and you should confuse the visitor or adsense team.  Most of the time, you will get approval within two days for the best websites or otherwise it will take upto 6 months time.  I believe I have received approval within a week time and I really enjoy to work with my own niche.

I just want to share some 12 steps to know the basic ideas about Google Adsense.

1) Privacy Policy for your Blog or Website :

You should have your own privacy policy for your blog or website because you should explain about your blog or website which way you help your visitors.  Also you should have some basic ideas to learn about your niche and its features here.  Most of the time you should read the adsense privacy policy and update your knowledge to avoid any problem for your account.

2) You should have owner profile or about us page :

If you are a real blogger then you should be mentioned your ownership in the blog and also you should write about you and your blogs details to know the details by the visitors.  If you have a profile or about us page then you may get the adsense approval very easily.  I understand that the Google adsense team verify your website or blog to approve your account when you should have unique content and about us page.

3) Contact us Page in your Blog :

Also you should have your contact us page in the website or blog which should be useful for your visitor.  The visitor may not confuse to contact you so you should have contact us form page to make it easy to contact you otherwise it is very difficult to get approval for your account.  Most of the time, you will get it within two days if your this page in your website or blog.

4) Name/Email Verification  :

You should have your own Name and Email Verification for your Google Adsense account. Because you may not be a spammer to start a google account and you should verify your email id in the contact us page to make it easy for them.

5) Age verification must be true :

You should mention your age or date of birth in the Adsense account which should be checked to make it very clear.  If you have any problem or you may wrongly mentioned your age as below 18 then you may not get the approval from adsense team.  I hope you may alert on this area to make it possible for you.

6) How much posts should have in the website?

It is vary from one account to another account because many of the website or blog may allow with small number of posts (10 posts with 400 words) and some of them may not allow if they have more than 100 posts.  So I still have confusion about it from Google Adsense team and I will update this news soon.

7) You should have nice design :

It may not affect your adsense account but your website design or blog design must be attracted the people which help you to get massive traffic and people may not forget your website or blog.  You can any platform like wordpress, blogger or any blog templates to make it easy for you.

8) Content of the website :

You must have unique content or you should have rights to publish the post from the owner.  Also I really need to give some tips to write your blog post to update your knowledge and write something innovative everyday to success yourself.  I write more blogs to make real things to me and what about you?

9) You should provide value for your blog :

You should not directly say or explain about money making system in your blog and you should not add any content which is not related to your niche?  This is the secret to make your content by you and it should be giving you the best results for you always.

Many of the blogger may fail to provide value for their blogs or website because they don't have much concentration on it.  I believe to give some value for my blog to update it atleast once in a week to make it possible for me.

10) How to create a website?

You should not have a blogger's blog or wordpress blog to get an approval from Google adsense because it may not help you to get it.  You should have your own top level domain like .com domains and then you should write useful content for your niche to make it possible for you. Also if you have old domain name then you may get the approval as soon as possible.

You must have a doman name which help you to get the chance to get the approval account.  Also you should work for new domain but it should be having more than six months of age.

11) Shall we use other network ads?

You should avoid to use all other network's ads in your website other than Google Adsense which is safe to run your adsense account.  Also you may use other network after getting approval from them but normally you should avoid all other ad network in your website.

12) Paid Traffic from other network :

You should avoid to get paid traffic from other network which is not useful for you to get huge traffic for your website.  Also you must have organic traffic to your website which may you a lot.


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