Sunday, December 23, 2012

How people fail to earn money?

I remember my old days which help me to earn real income but I could not earn much last two years. Why?

I don't know but I know because I don't have time to work for online jobs. I have found some real online jobs through google adsense which is added in my websites but I could not earn much money. Why?

I have found another business opportunity which is called clickbank. I have joined with cb three years before and I have received two cheques next six months after that I could not earn much money. Why?

 I really enjoyed to join with Commission Junction in 2010 and I could not earn more than 15 dollar yet. I don't know Why?

I try to join with which help us to sell any products which is available in that website. Now I try to affiliate with amazon but I could not earn much money. Why?

I hope to get real income with freelance websites like which is help us to earn money through data entry jobs and all the web based works. I could not earn more than 50 dollars in three years. Why?

I have lots and lots works in online and I have work with all together but I could not earn money. Why? I have blogs and websites but I don't know SEO - Search Engine Optimization. That why I failed to make money. I accept my mistakes and I share my problems in this blog.


  1. Hey, don't get upset. Its nothing like if you dont know SEO you can earn money via your sites..Apart from SEO their are lots of things that you can do for your websites like bolgging. Thanks
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