Friday, April 6, 2012

Hosted Domains are going away

I have surprised to read about this topic which is to be stopped Domain parking by Google Adsense.  I just wanted to know about this system to make real money who are all making money with Domain parking but now it was shocking to see that email from Google Adsense.  I just want make my opinion through blog but It may not change this system by adsense team.  I really enjoyed to make real money through this Domain Parking system but now I have lost my earning through this system.

Adsense hosted domain will be retired on April 18 by Google Adsense at the end of the April the adsense earnings will be finalised.  So after that you can use the adsense in the Domain Parking for your websites.  I hope this system is very useful for us to make real money.  

You can see more details about this system to make yourself make real updates about this Domain Parking system:

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